Time to Connect

Hello Everyone from sunny Surrey!

I don’t have a formal newsletter, but realized last night that the only news I’ve sent since arriving in Canada is by Facebook, so I thought I should send a quick update.

First, several people have asked about the car that I mentioned I hoped to get in Canada. A car expert friend has been diligently working on this project for me & seems to have has found a vehicle that seems to be suitable – for now. He ‘s a bit concerned though about the age & mileage & would prefer that we find something a bit newer, lower mileage but then of course that’s more costly. I trust God will supply the rest of the finances needed for me to make the best purchase for me. Thank you to those who have given to this need. If you intend to give to this need though the MGF office I would appreciate if you could let me know so that I can include it in the budget. Please pray for wisdom in this decision that of course will have to be made soon.

I had a wonderful 3 weeks in Alberta, sharing in 2 churches & visiting with friends & family & of course the high school reunion. I was thrilled to meet my newest great-niece & was inspired by several visits with the older folk who have been that positive example over the years! Thank you to so many people for all the kindnesses that were heaped on me – meals, homes, visits, encouraging words, gifts & the list goes on! I always leave Alberta feeling so loved & cared for!

I am now starting my second week in BC. Came by bus so was sad that I was not able to stop along the way to the lower mainland. My first Sunday was a blast from the past going to church with Lori-Anne, sitting in “our row” & hearing Pastor Dan preach. Berry-picking, White Rock, Whistler, football & a BBQ with my care group have been a few of the activities so far.

But, now I only have 10 days left in the Surrey area before I head to Victoria & then will be on my way to California for conference & then home to Mexico. So, I hope to get some more visiting in but the time seems to pass so quickly! Write me if we need to set a time to meet up!

Blessings from Surrey!

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