June 13, 2017

Hi. We are still with my Mom and sister in Pasco, WA. We are planning to leave here on Thursday and find a campground and crash for a couple of days, visit a few of our missionaries and then head on home. We’ve packed up my Mom’s house and what a chore. 60+ years of “treasures”. She’s staying with my sister. Praise the Lord she is doing so well. She’s still on hospice but seems to be getting stronger everyday, in some ways. She still cannot walk but thinks she soon will be so we must keep her walking shoes and pantyhose and of course her swim suit. She makes us smile so many times. What a special Mom! I thank the Lord for all your prayers. She is having more trouble breathing but she doesn’t let that get her down. She loves watching Dr. David Jeremiah on the computer except she doesn’t like that music. “I’ll just turn it back on when that awful music is done.” 😀😀

Luan Thiessen