Spring 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers as I continue to serve in a ministry of helps and encouragement at Ririe Chapel. Another lady at the chapel helps me with this ministry of comforting those who hurt, spending time with the lonely, and meeting practical needs, such as meals. We “weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.” This past month we wept with a family who lost their mother and father within two weeks of each other. They were long-time members at Ririe Chapel and were two of the few who were there when we first started our ministry at Ririe Chapel. They were in their 80s and ready to meet the Lord. Their daughter and husband now attend the chapel faithfully. We rejoiced with the teacher and children of the After School Bible Club as they shared with us in a Sunday service what they learned this past year in club. They recited Bible verses, sang songs, and told us what their favorite Bible stories were. It was encouraging to see this outreach in the community growing.

Face-to-face encounters are the most effective, but I also spend a lot of time encouraging and counseling through phone calls, cards, and even text messages. I am thankful for the many opportunities to minister and enjoy spending time with my family. I also am eagerly awaiting the time when I will see Jesus and my dear husband.

Because of your prayers and love, I feel encouraged each day and am truly grateful.

In His love,

Trish Milloway