Praying with the Kepners 5-29-14

Dear Praying Partners,

God leads along! The hymn says: “Through shady green pastures, God leads us along…”

He does lead us AND the shady green pastures don’t seem to be a part of our paths. God has variety continually in His leading. Praise Him! NO fires came near us in Spring Valley. The Pine Valley home repair is finished for our part.

Graduate Doctor Regina Alexander is in Virginia with Pastor Sudheer, her husband. They are reporting to a supporting church. Sudheer returns to Madhira, India in early June, and Regina follows soon. For sure we’ll see them in Heaven later.


Thursday a.m. Probably “today” for most of you, we’ll go to the Instituto Biblico Logos in Mexicali, BCN, Mexico for two days. No one graduates this semester so it is a “Closing Program” for the 88 part time students. We’ll take “things” to pass on to folks. Director Antonio and his wife,Yoya, host us overnight and Friday we”ll joyfully visit various Loved Ones in the Mexicali Valley.

Friday at 6 pm is an Instituto dinner for teachers, students, families, and Board members. (We are Board Members). All form a circle and each one shares a testimony of how God is working in his/her life in these past four months. These testimonies deeply bless and challenge us. We hear how God is maturing His children in Mexico and we rejoice, AND also learn how to pray for each one in the weeks ahead. Many of you have been praying for this Institute for years God is at work mightily. Rejoice with us.

A couple has helped us get our SENTRI passes for faster border crossings. (10 to 20 minutes instead of 2 to 3 hours “in line”.) We’ll come home Friday for sleeping overnight. (130 miles,- this was a trip long overdue.)

Then Saturday morning MGF missionary Margie Farley and we will go south into Rosarito, BCN Mexico for the wedding of one of the MGF “MK’s”. This is a joy as we serve as “adopted Grandparents” for the bride. We’ll be home by midnight(?). 32 miles

Sunday evening “Betty’s” MMCV Choir and others present their “Spring Concert”. Next week looks much more relaxing.

PRAISE: This week we saw Twelfeth Night by the Lamb ‘s Players. Someone anonymously gave us a season pass. Thanks.

Your prayer and gifts enable us to keep going for our Wonderful Lord God. Thank you seems so inadequate ; however, we do thank you and joy in partnering with you for our Lord. Feel free to contact us anytime for more details. [cell:619.654.1932]

Your partners in God’s harvest,

Duane and Betty Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner