Praying With Kepners December 6, 2014

Dear Friends celebrating Christ’s Birth,

Rejoice for our Lord is coming again! Right now we celebrate Christ’s
birth on earth in Bethlehem. He is returning soon, in His set time.
WOW! We are ready.

Praises: Duane has had no more blood leaking. We rejoice. All tests
have been good.
The REST for two weeks has been a special experience for both of us:
rest FULL. Our children seem happy. They thought we would be incapable
of such a fine thing. Fooled them.

Praises: Betty’s new, false teeth plates are finally settling in as
they should. This has been a three month painful ordeal. Thank you
for praying for this concern. Her smile is lovely.

Aging Pastor Jose Rivera still lives on at his home in the Ejido
Oaxaca., Mexicali Valley, Mexico. Pray for his family as they care for
him in his bed. We are “so much family” we will go for them when Jose
is promoted into Heaven. (Yes, our hearts are with our Mexican
brothers and sisters in Christ, and we feel with them.)

December 16 Duane will have an endoscopy to determine if there might be
some blood concerns in the upper digestive tract. The camera they use
is really small. I’ll be asleep.

Many joyful programs here at Mount Miguel bless us at Christmas. God
encourages us.

During 2015 also the MGF has absorbed the 10% cost for operating the
Mission. We will receive this money to carry on our ministry. Because
some supporters have gone on to Heaven, we need added financial support
monthly. Ask God if He wants you to help more.

Both Seth and Sue Kepner and Don and Naomi Morshead will be with us
during different parts of the Christmas season. This is a blessing and
a joyful experience. Praise God.

Our PRAYER for you: May God’s blessing be upon you in all ways. May
His Presence be felt daily in your life. Note: our prayer is for each
of you and is so stated. We love you in Christ and joyfully call you
“our own”. You do continually encourage us through your prayers.

Keep CHRIST in your CHRISTmas greetings to others. Let no one reduce
our joy in Christ by trying to alter our joyous salutations to others.
It is our testimony to the lost among us.

Merry, merry Christmas and a joyous New Year soon.

Yours, and His,

Duane & Betty Kepner serving with Missionary Gospel

(cell) 619.654.1932

Duane Kepner