Praying With Kepners December 21, 2014

Our Dear Partners,

May God’s love be wonderfully evident in your life in this special
season. May He use you to bless many as you live your life for Him.
We rejoice at being a part of your life.

God is blessing us as Betty’s teeth gums are slowly healing. The posts
require full healing around them to “finally” line up and settle the
teeth plates so they fit well. This process has been slow; but is steadily better.

For Duane, the physical concern for the “blood flow” seems to be
resolved as it stopped by itself. We believe God brought healing by
the second day. The rest period has been actually doctors seeking the
reason for a blood flow from ?where? Thanks for your prayers for us.

Pray for ministry needs in Rosarito, Mexico. One couple needs much
increased support to move ahead in the church ministry. Pray for the
people there that many will come to Christ and serve Him as the Lord of
their lives.

For us and our family: Seth and Sue are with us right now. The 24th
and 25th we will be with Naomi and Don for about 26 hours away from
Mount Miguel. Then: back here at home.

May God give you a most blessed Christmas season. May His love flow
through you out to others all around you. You do continually bless us
and our ministries. Thank you.

Feel free to call, write or text us. Phone: 619.654.1932, email is

Our love to you,

Duane & Betty Kepner Serving with Missionary Gospel Fellowship
P. O. Box 1535
Turlock, CA 95381

Duane Kepner