Praying With Kepners December 14, 2014

Dear Christmas Celebrants,

Those of us who truly celebrate do so because our Lord became flesh, a
baby, and came to save us. What a wonderful celebration for all of us.

PRAISES: A number of you have responded concerning Betty’s “lovely
smile”. Yes, she has always had the lovely smile. As her gums heal
and the new plates become comfortable, Betty’s smile is more frequent
and comes more painlessly. Praise God. SMILE, Youall!

Tuesday is Duane’s “push Endoscopy”. (That is their name for it.)
Duane anticipates this with an open mouth. Looked for is: is anything
incorrect in the upper digestive system??
They’ll see. Pray for clarity in all this. ( Duane just got some extra
iron in his blood.)

Our MINISTRY: our job title is: Southwest Regional Support
Missionaries. This generally involves our helping our other local MGF
workers in whatever way help is needed and requested. This includes 4
units in California and four couples in Baja California, Mexico.
Others are included as the needs arise.

Example: Thursday we had a prayer time with our USA missionaries. We
finished suddenly as Margie F. had several symptoms of a stroke. By
the end of the day the Sarkis family and then Betty and Duane had spent
time in the hospital with Margie. Result: no stroke concerns found
through the testing, we took Margie home, and she’ll see her Physician
on Monday.

Counseling is a major part of our ministry. Currently we are deeply
involved in counseling in a concern in northern Mexico. Part of this
is translating for conciseness between English and Spanish speakers.
This calls for clear communication and prayer for moving ahead. Pray.

Family time: between December 19, Friday and December 25, Saturday,
we’ll have special family times in several places. This means: rest,
eat, laugh, remember and look ahead.!

May you enjoy special family and friend time during this CHRISTmas
celebration time.

Many have financially supported us, some for years, and we thank God
for you. Through you HE has enabled us to move forward sharing Christ
in many ways, sometimes even through speech. Read it again, that’s
right! Most spreading of God’s message is through our actions as
people watch us in our daily lives. Pray with us that our message will
honor God always.

Let us hear from you: by phone: (619) 654.1932, email:; facebook: Betty Kepner; letter: 325 Kempton St.
# 160, Spring Valley, CA 91977; via prayer.
Just keep in touch.

A joyous CHRISTmas and a most blessed New Year is our prayer for you.
Rejoice! CHRIST is coming again to take us to be with HIM!

Sent with deep love,
Duane and Betty Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner