Prayers & Praises With Kepners December 18, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How wonderful it is to have brothers and sisters in the mighty family of God.

In five days we have had visits from “family” from El Centro, Oregon, Ensenada, Mexico and by phone from Florida. They blessed us especially as they inquired about Betty, and then prayed for her health and recovery.

Betty is improving daily. Water therapy and exercises and a “magnet bone healing stimulator” are helping her back mend more daily. Some pain continues and should subside in about three months (early February).

Counseling right now seems “heavy” and God is giving the right answers as we confront the evil one frequently. Thanks for your specific praying.

May God grant you a most blessed Christmas season. May He remind you continually of the reason for Christmas: the coming of Christ to die for our redemption. Easter’s resurrection proves Christ is our living Savior forever.

The new year is: THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2017. The year does belong to our LORD. Face it expectantly knowing HE is in control and HE will be glorified. For each of us our goal must be to glorify Him through our lives daily in every place and in every way. Do this and live gloriously.

Thank you for being a member of the family of God. He has placed us in particular places to glorify Him. You will live victoriously in 2017.

If what we just said does not make sense to you, please reread it and then be sure you actually are a child of God. This means: you know you have sinned, Christ died to redeem us from having to pay for our own sin, He arose to prove He is God and His promise to redeem us and save us is valid. Therefore, trust in Christ and truly become a child of God today.

This message of salvation through Christ is our reason for serving as His missionaries. No other message will bring salvation to anyone. Thank you for standing with us as we proclaim HIM to the lost. We together are the family of God wherever we are serving Him. Be strong in Christ, our Lord.

From your brother and sister in, and near, Mexico,

Duane and Betty Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner