Prayers and Praises with Kepners July 2, 2016

Dear Praying Partners,
We will praise the Lord at all times. His praise will continually be in our mouths. This past week has been one of great praise. We rejoice.
Monday morning the mechanic stated: Do NOT drive this van out of town. The transmission is about to go out. Don’t get stranded. Do not trust it. I called Betty! The prayer group prayed. A lady has a car to sell. See her.
That evening at the Spanish class we offered the van to any of the four pastors. Pastor Abraham of Mexicali, Mexico said: yes, for our church. He can get the trans fixed for about $600, here it would cost $1250+.
Other problems delayed our purchase until June 29, the day before Betty’s birthday. The car is a 4 door 2002 Toyota Avalon, with ONLY 39,496 miles.
We have taken a loan to pay the almost $5000 costs. Please ask God if He wants you to help us pay this debt. Send your gift to the MGF (Missionary Gospel Fellowship) PO Box 1535, Turlock, CA 95380. On a separate slip, mark the donation “Project Mexicali #13”. A receipt will come.
Past news: God sent two sets of special guests this past week: Ralph and daughter, Juanita, came from Michigan (We first met Ralph in 1956), Then, from Africa via Grand Rapids came Joel and Sue Bolthouse of Mission Aviation of Zambia, whom we have known since meeting Joel’s parents in 1955. What a blessing. Each of them encouraged us.
July 4: meet the Pattillo’s plane at 11:55 pm. Overnight visit and they go to Ensenada. God opens many doors for witness. July 6: the van goes to Mexicali. Pray for an uneventful crossing into Mexico. At times, a hassle!
Thanks for praying often for us. Read many activities “between the lines” as the norm. If you want details, call us at cell: 619 654 1932. Thrill us. More thrill could be: come and visit us! Your love is a deep blessing always.
God gives opportunities daily to witness of His great love. Last night it was with a lady watching the Pacific Ocean waves. Be always ready.
Your missionary representatives to southern California and Mexico.
Duane and Betty Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner