Prayers and Praises with Kepners July 10, 2016

Dear Fellow Missionaries,
Your prayers were effective. On July 6 an American driving the van with California plates on it crossed into Mexico without incident. It contained items we wished to send. The pastor in Mexicali now has an air-conditioned van for his church. With temperatures at 120 degrees many days this is a great blessing for them. You PRAYED, and God WORKED.
The 2002 Toyota is now “ours”. The loan of $4500 will be paid as God sends in the money. You could have a share in this “payoff”, even sending a gift via the MGF and receiving a charitable income tax deduction.
Saturday Betty had teeth surgery done in Tijuana. The border crossing took 3 hours to return to the USA. We’re glad it is done & Bettys healing nicely.
Monday Betty will help Margie F. with computer concerns. We have monthly MGF reports via computers. PRAY for wisdom using them.
Wednesday we’ll help host Pastor Cornelio and his family from Tecate, Mexico as he preaches twice here at our Mount Miguel Chapel hours. The family does not speak English so we’ll enjoy talking with the 3 children at breakfast, before and during the services & maybe at the noon meal.
Doctor visits take some time this week. They seek the reason for some nerve damage in Duane’s legs. (Maybe 83 years of USE here and there??)
SPECIAL MINISTRY: July 19-23 – Duane gets to go “dry camping” with five grandchildren and 5 great grandkids in the low Sierras. He’s training now, toting a back pack preparing for the 1 kilometer hike in the dry hills. This time spent with our families could become limited as we grow older.
A note: please write down our cell phone so you could call. 619 654 1932. Some may not have it. It is always a joy to talk with you.
Our counseling is often in depth. We have one counselee right now to answer via email. Please pray for our answers to these requests.
Your prayers always help as God answers for His glory.
Sent with our love,
Duane and Betty Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner