Prayers and Praises with Kepners December 2, 2016

Our Dear Praying Friends,
God always does wonderfully for His children. Thus it is for Betty. Her major back surgery on November 4 went well. You recall the lower back surgery took seven hours to complete.
This included fusing six vertebrae and installing two metal rods. Doctor Soumekh also removed a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries. He carefully avoided severing any nerves, all in the spinal column. Praises.
Betty is currently in the Health Care Center (hospital) at Mount Miguel Covenant Village. I walk the “350 steps” frequently daily. The probable prognosis is: continue twice daily therapy through about December 10.
Then Betty comes home. Therapy will then be off campus with “more aggressive water therapy” for a while. (The “ “’s are our Doctor’s phrasing.) YES, Betty will be in “hot water” AGAIN. Thus is also often true in ministry.
Back on November 20 Duane expectantly went to the town of Ejido Oaxaca, in BCN, Mexico for that day. The occasion: birthday # 87 for former pastor Jose Rivera. (He and his wife started a church there 55 years earlier. We were involved over the years. His children view us as “substitute grandparents.) Jose has been bedridden for three years so Duane’s presence was vital for them. Duane brought the message for the occasion.
NOW and the immediate future: our expectation is to be “here” at home for most of the next two months. Betty is NOT to travel! So, pray as God gives us ministries right here. This often includes counseling at any moment even as we walk across the campus. Call us for more details. (cell 619.654.1932). Duane usually carries the phone. [He shares with Betty.]
The Toyota car: It is getting its 6000 mile (already for us) synthetic oil change this week. We through special gifts now owe only about $1000.00 more to pay it off. Gifts via MGF are tax deductible.
Our prayer for each of you is: May God fill your Christmas and your New Year with His peace and the full realization that HE IS IN CONTROL. May you experience His Presence continually as you walk under His direction.
Thank you always for your prayers daily with us in this ministry. Your help in prayer and in giving enables us to move forward with HIM.
Betty and Duane Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner