Prayer Requested for Youth Mission Trip

Dear friends and prayer partners, We will be taking a small group of teens this morning on the church’s first missions trip. This is quite a step of faith for the church and the youth. We will be traveling to Mexicali, which is about a 4 hour drive, and will be helping out with a medical outreach. The teens will have a wonderful opportunity to share their faith and evangelize the many people who will be waiting to see the doctors.
Our prayer request is that the trip will be safe, as road hazards and drunken drivers are always a danger.
Please also pray for the teens, that the Lord will use them in a supernatural way, and that the Holy Spirit will flow through them as they share. Pray that the Lord will remove their timid spirit and they will speak with boldness.

As a note, this year has been particularly difficult for Debbie and I, and we would both appreciate your prayers, for spiritual, emotional and physical strength. Their have been numerous attacks and emotionally traumatic events throughout the year. On several occasions, children who attend the Saturday breakfast, have refused to return to their homes, because of physical abuse, usually by their mothers’ boyfriends, and have pleaded with us to not force them to return. This is heartbreaking. One young lady spoke of how her grandmother would hit her with a 2 by 4 board, which the grandmother admitted to when we spoke to her. Others have said they will not allow themselves to be hit one more time by their step fathers. We talk with the parents in these cases, but know the abuse continues. There are no easy rememdies here, as there might be in the U.S. Many of the homes experience frequent violent brawls.

Our van was had two locks busted while we parked in front of a restaurant, but thankfully because of the alarm, we ran out and watched the thief run away. On another occasion a couple of months ago, I was speaking (at least attempting) to speak to a deaf mute who often comes by the church, sometimes comes in the service, and who keeps an eye out when ever he can. A rock was thrown at us while we were talking, which broke the windshield of the van. I don’t know if the rock was meant for me, or for our friend, but the folks in the neighborhood says that it is cultural for a deaf mute to be treated abusively. He often tells stories of attacks. Pray for him please. He has a very soft and dear heart, but probably due to the way he was brought up, and the trauma he faces each day, he is a drug user. I don’t mean to make excuses, but when children have no love in the home, are attacked in the street, don’t have a way to communicate, only the worst can be expected.

Our security dogs were also attacked, and our precious German Shepherd was almost killed. Someone hit her with sticks through the fence, apparently trying to put out her eye.

On another occasion, Debbie parked in the street, straddling the sidewalk, so that her car was actually only a foot onto the street. Her car was smashed in the side by another vehicle, we are not sure if this was by accident or on purpose, or if was a drunk who had a hard time staying on the road.
Well, stories like this hopefully help you to know how to pray for us. We would like to be among a large army of christians working in this very difficult community, but we are just 2, and you, our supporters, backing us as we move forward, inch by inch, by faith.

We know, and have experienced, over and over, that the Lord is with us, which gives us great comfort, and to see the many souls that the Lord has rescued from darkness, and many, this week, going on their first (hopefully of many) missions trips. We thank you also for your financial support, as without that, we would have no funds for the many many expenses.

About a year ago, a christian fellow who we had gotten to know, and who is a lawyer, helped us set up a civil association. He preaches at one of the conservative churches in Tijuana. He received funds from the government for our breakfast program, which we used during the first few months. And then we noticed a deposit the governent made to our account was removed, and we quickly learned that the lawyer stole the funds, some 7,000.00 dollars from the account. He later confessed to what he did, apologized, said he would reimburse us, but of course he has not. This has just been another huge disappointment to deal with this year. We had to make many difficult and expensive changes in our legal papers to remove him, and study to see what other damage he had done. Debbie and I have continued to feed the children with the funds you have sent. We have been advised that our support will be reduced substantially beginning in January, and would appreciate your prayers for the Lords continued provisions. We would like to make some changes this year to our breakfast program, and make it more of a discipleship program, with a meal, as we clearly see that the greatest and most important need for these children is discipleship, and a full tummy to go along.

We love you all and thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer and support. Without you, the work here could not exist, and these precious lives would not be reached.
We are very excited that a group of men will be coming from Hamilton Baptist Church in Virginia around the middle of February. They desire to help with some of the projects, primarily finishing the caretakers house on the church property. We encourage others to come during the year, as you can, as there are many projects, and we really are blessed by the fellowship.

Many blessings to each of you,
with love, Dave and Debbie

David Tazelaar