April 19, 2016

What a beautiful, sunny day here in British Columbia. We just returned from a Heart Rehab

Educational Program that covered some very pertinent issues with regard to heart health and

what to expect as you recover from heart surgery so that Inpam can continue to live a healthy

life. We feel that all these things are wonderful resources but are thankful that God is our source

of everything! It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since Inpam was discharged from the hospital and

he is doing well. He had to answer five questions today that were related to his emotional

condition since his surgery. This is because research findings indicate that heart surgery patients

tend to suffer acute depression and anxiety in the days following surgery. The answers had to be

given on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being minimum and 10 maximum. He answer four out of the five

questions with a 0, which means issues related to depression and anxiety were non-existent and

the fifth question was whether he enjoys social situations and whether these interactions were

adequately provided, to which he answered with a 2, not because he was lacking visits from

people. He has had a good number of visits that he has enjoyed tremendously and have been

blessed with (and special mention must be made about all the food that was brought that

Karminie did not have to cook much!) but the two is because he has not seen the grand kids and

the immediate family.

It will be four weeks for this Thursday since the operation and Inpam has very minimal pain, and

that, too, only when he coughs. He does not have any pain when he attempts to lay down

to sleep. His appetite is surprisingly good. He has been given a few blood thinners, to keep

clots from forming where the surgery was done until the mitral valve and the tri-cuspid valve are

completely healed. The INR blood values are normal and the doctors are very pleased with his

progress. Actually, this is not merely a praise report but a miracle report because we know that

God has led Inpam through the surgery to surpass “normal expectations” of a serious surgery of

the kind he had to undergo. All praise and glory to God and we thank you both and our MGF

family for your prayers that our Heavenly Father answered in a miraculous way!

God bless you all!

Inpam & Karminie

Karminie Moses