MGF Beginnings

Missionary Gospel Fellowship began in 1939 from the vision of Paul J. Pietsch, a former Federal Probation Officer, who found an unfilled need in bringing Jesus Christ to migrant farm laborers arriving in California from dust bowl states. Initially, Mr. Pietsch took Gospel teams from Calvary Church in Santa Ana, California, to a farm labor camp near Buttonwillow in Kern County, California. Later in 1939, he moved his family to Shafter in that same county to give the work his full time. The following year he moved his family again, this time to Turlock, to be more central to the expanding work of the mission then ranging from Indio to Marysville.

Recognizing that the work needed more structure, Mr. Pietsch and five Christian businessmen incorporated MGF on October 27, 1942, and adopted by-laws, which solidified a statement of faith and organized the work as an independent, non-denominational mission.

In the years since incorporation, as the ethnicity of migrant farm workers changed, MGF workers have reached many other peoples. Migrant farm
workers are now almost totally Hispanic and this fact plus the needs of other neglected immigrant populations have changed the face and work of the Mission. MGF missionaries are bringing Christ to Hispanics, Asians, West Indians, plus Native Americans, isolated rural populations, cults and inner city ethnic groups.

The Heartbeat of Missionary Gospel Fellowship is to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that others will come to know and live a life surrendered to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This video shares the Gospel story.


Who We Are

MGF was founded with the desire to reach and disciple the lost living in migrant camps. While our various ministries today have spread beyond migrant camps, the heartbeat has continued to be to win lost souls to Jesus Christ. We follow Christ’s command to make disciples among diverse people groups throughout North America. As ambassadors for Christ representing our sending and supporting churches, we evangelize, make disciples, and equip others to do the work of the ministry.

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