May 2017

Dear Prayer Partners:

Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer during April.
Mom was diagnosed with Scabies three days after I was diagnosed. The doctor waited that long to see how I was responding to the treatment. I was quarantined for seven days and then declared no longer contagious. Mom was quarantined for three weeks before the isolation was finally lifted on May 10th. Neither Mom’s nor my skin is cleared of the scabs as yet and we both still have some itching, which the doctor says is expected. One of my scabs on my bottom got infected, after the fact, and I have been having a hard time with it for two weeks and I’m not done with dealing with it yet. Sitting has been painful and most uncomfortable. Thankfully, it is getting better. The doctor predicts that I probably won’t be done with it for another week.
My house mate moved out the end of April. So I am alone again. I am going to try to not get another house mate. I’ve had some added support so, hopefully, I will be able to meet my expenses.
Mom and I had company over Mother’s Day. We enjoyed having my uncle Joe and Aunt Jeanie—Mom’s youngest brother and sister-in-law—missionaries to Brazil.
I continue to stay busy with the hospital ministries and spending time with Mom two times a day. I was reelected to Secretary of the Pastoral Care Ministry at the hospital so I still try and get in there every day except for Sunday. I was awarded my twenty-year pin on May 9 for volunteer on-call chaplain service. I’m also ministering at my church by being one of the nursery works and participating in two different prayer groups.
I’m still anxiously looking for my l
Lord’s coming for His bride.

Lovingly and with our thoughts and prayers,
for Flossie and Rose Waltner
Serving through Missionary Gospel Fellowship
Post Office Box 1535 – Turlock CA 95381-1535 – 209-634-8575
Contribution Designation – Project #33 – LC-Min/Waltner

Rose Waltner