May 17, 2017

Ike would appreciate your prayers as he came down with a horrible chest cold and cough. The doctor sent him for xrays yesterday to see if it was pneumonia but called later and said it was not. He put Ike on some really strong antibiotics so hopefully he will soon start to feel better. We had all kinds of plans but guess they are on hold for now.
My Mom seems to be getting weaker everyday. She so wants to get out of the hospital. She says she always gets well faster when she’s home. But she can barely breathe so with her asthma, pneumonia and her heart problems none of us kids feel like we have the know how to take care of her. So please pray with us for her, Alice. She loves the Lord and has great peace about just going “home” but thinks the Lord must have more for her to do since He’s keeping her here.
Ike and Luan Thiessen

Luan Thiessen