May 10, 2017

Ike and I just want to thank all of you who prayed for our time together with our children and grandchildren. We just said goodbye to them a few minutes ago and there were many tears. The cousins just hit it off and did not want to go home. This is the first time the cousins have all been together and able to talk English with each other. What fun we had as all 17 of us sat around the table, ate, played games, shared and made a lot of noise. We are a very loud family, I noticed. We sure are going to miss them. We’re so proud of the beautiful families our kids are raising and long to see each of them find their way to the Lord.

Now back to the real world and waiting to hear that our daughter, son in law and five grandchildren made it back to Pennsylvania safe and sound. Ike and Luan Thiessen

Luan Thiessen