March 4, 2016

We have wonderful news. Many of the adopted children who have been detained in Congo have been released. Our adoption agency had families adopting children from Congo when suddenly in September 2013, Congo announced that no more of the adopted children would be allowed to leave. We had quite a few children already adopted by Congolese law, with U.S. entrance visas, and Congo would not let the kids go. 2 1/2 long, dreary years have been spent not only continuing to care for these orphans, but also calling and writing untold numbers of times to Congress, President Obama to plead for their intervention. Finally this past week, Congo announced that 140 of the children could go. One of our families was adopting brothers. One boy was released early due to a heart defect. The dad went over and got the other brother 2 days ago. What a reunion! We have word that 83 more children will be on a list this coming week to be able to come to their adoptive homes. This is a result of much prayer and hard work. Praise the Lord!

The Peck Family in Montana

Cyndi Peck