Thank you for your praise and intercession!



For many divine appointments to share the reality of Christ’s love for us and God’s desire

for us to love him.

On a personal note, that Linda’s sciatica pain has now subsided and that my recent

electrical pollution symptoms are also subsiding. Thank you for your prayers!

For our continued and encouraging progress in our “less is more” actions as we work

toward streamlining for what lies ahead for us in serving our Lord.

That we have made it through the first year of our marriage, and we trust that God has

significant plans to use us for His purposes.

For the receiving a repeat invitation to share the plan of salvation in the presentation of

another Wordless Book Booth this Halloween

Intercession items:

For continued and complete recovery for both Linda and myself, (if that ever is to come),

from the grief and other effects of bereavement of our mates. We do each seem to have

such a long way to go…

For my conquest of and healing from a chronic bacterial infection that has continued to

hinder my productivity. .

For Linda’s recovery of physical vitality, as she was depleted so much in her

bereavement and the afterward the mega-months of 24-7 care-taking of her son Kerry.

For Kerry, (in Fresno, CA), to have a real ray of hope — for his salvation and God’s

healing touch on his body. (In addition to his “lost condition”, he is on kidney dialysis,

is blind and has bouts with being bi-polar).

Bob Koenig