Kepner Praises May 6, 2017

Dear Prayer Team,

REQUEST: Sunday (now) I drive to Ensenada, BCN, Mexico with “things” for the Calvary Chapel Bible College. The 5 boxes of Spanish books are included. Also are things for ladies (for enhancement), not needed, but they like these and Betty does not need them. Pray I am not stopped at the Mexican border. I am also taking a vice. ????? (it is a welder’s tool for holding things rigid. Duh!)

Why now? This merits telling: As I asking by phone about the books, the response was: “Duane, please bring them yourself and stay a couple of days. The students will love on you, and you can love on them as you and Betty have done so well”. This greatly encouraged me as I remembered these times, always a special ministry both ways. So, I’m going. Must be back Tuesday evening. [see below].

Main Item: In late June I fly to western New York for visits with you. In July we have a Kepner reunion and then a Wilson reunion (Betty). I would also like to report to our supporting churches while there. It would be great to enjoy visiting with you, even overnighting. Will you contact me before MAY 13 with a time I could visit?? June 29 thru about July 24. I’ll have the use of a car so I am mobile.

MAJOR SURGERY: This Tuesday am, about 7:30:in San Diego, CA Facial and eye repair, Operation number 6 for our special friend: Maya Khatun, age almost nine years old. Maya’s mother is Selina. They are here from Bangladesh through the care of the: “Mending Kids Org” and others. Maya speaks almost NO English, Selina speaks some and tries hard to communicate. Naomi and Don Morshead work to provide the “outside the hospital care” needed. Pray for major healing.
I hope to be with Selina by nighttime on Tuesday. Two surgeons do this.

On May 27 the UC San Diego School of Medicine will host a Body Donation Program Memorial Service honoring the donation of Betty’s body. Duane and Seth will attend representing the family.

Your most encouraging messages greatly help me. I thank you for your ministry.
God’s marvelous grace lifts me daily as I move forward trusting His guidance.


Duane Kepner with Missionary Gospel Fellowship KEPNER PRAISES May 6, 2017

Duane Kepner