Kepner Praises May 14, 2017

My Dear Partners in Prayer,
Praises: Yes, I went through the Mexican border without even a “total” stop last Sunday afternoon and it was raining. The Inspector looked, waved a go ahead and I went forward. The cargo went well. I did NOT take the vice last week as it was heavy. It goes this week, I think. Things go quietly on God’s schedule.
Praise: the two days at the Calvary Chapel Bible College were a special blessing to me. These folks encouraged me as I was in their presence. As often happens, I had several opportunities to do “deep” counseling with some students. Sometimes an “outsider” can do this effectively.
Petition: Maya Khatun’s facial surgery by two doctors (the 8 year old angladeshi) was postponed until May 27. Pray it goes well.
Praise: my schedule often takes on unusual events. Thursday I’ll meet with Jewels Pattillo to take her to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) for a California driver’s license. Then we’ll go to Ensenada, BCN, Mexico to David’s and Jewels’ home. I’ll have overnight and then go on. (I hope to go to MGF’ers Trino and Esther Ortiz’s home with the vice Friday a.m.)
25 PRAISES: Friday at 5 p.m. Twenty Five will graduate from the Calvary Chapel Bible College to move out into fuller ministry. All 25 are praising.
Not confirmed is this: I may be invited to teach or preach either on Saturday with MGF’ers Luis and Christina Romero in Rosarito, or possibly on Sunday with MGF’ers David & Debbie Tazelaar in Tijuana. (Pray, please.)
Praise for you: As you join me by praying, God works. Thank you for your continuing ministry. These days of mourning, rejoicing, loneliness and all other aspects of missing Betty’s presence cause deep sentiments within me. I am moving as slowly as I can and leaning heavily each moment on our Wonderful Holy Spirit as He leads me forward. Your prayers help.
Your fellow ambassador for Christ,
Duane Kepner

Duane Kepner