Kepner Praises May 1, 2017

Dear Praying Family,

God is at work ALWAYS! As I watch Him working in both small and great ways, I am so glad He ls in control of us, His children. April has been so special to me as I have watched Him minister. I’ll share a small part.

The Betty Pratt Memorial Service in Turlock was precious as we saw how God used her life to praise Him. While in Northern California I visited three grandson families and their children, eight great grandchildren in all. I also have the joy of visiting three of our regular special donors who have helped and prayed over many years. That was a joy.

God has given me opportunities to be in a Grief Share group here at Mount Miguel. I meet with a befriender weekly. I am learning so much as a single person on relating to others who are also feeling great losses.

I’m repeating this from my last letter: I laugh, I cry, I sob and I recoup and go forward. Naturally this happens often and without previous notice to me. Folks are very understanding and accepting of this behavior.

Tuesday, April 25, Mel and Lenora Thomas &I took a load of food to an orphanage in Tijuana This food collection was from Mount Miguel folks.
I had the joy of challenging some orphanage folks to live as missionaries daily. See II Corinthians 5:20. Key words: ambassadors of reconciliation.

Now we are in MAY: I expect to go to the Calvary Chapel Bible college graduation near Ensenada taking 5 boxes of books to their Library.

At end of May I expect to be at the Instituto Biblico Logos in the Mexicali Valley. My heart is very much there so that will be a great time for me. Pray for these 66 adult students who are spreading the gospel in Mexico.

Thank you God bless you.

Duane Kepner
Missionary Gospel Fellowship

Duane Kepner