June 13, 2017

Just want to share with you a praise report during our two months stay in the Phillipines, but before that, we just want to thank everyone for all your supports & prayers during the time we were out of the country. We really appreciate of all you’ve done for us. Again thank you!
The purpose of why we went to the Philippines is to renew my husband’s Alien Registration Card. Thank God after almost a month he got his new card.
During the first week of our arrival through His grace we were able to minister a woman in the hospital ( she is a sister of our filipina friend in Yuba, named , Len Close ) who is in a comatose situation. By the time of our visit, the daughter & other sister were there so we asked their permission if we would allow us to share the gospel to the sick and to lead her to pray the prayer of salvation, we also explain to them that this is a matter of snatching her away from the lake of fire. After explaining everything, I asked the comatose woman if she hear & understand what I am saying & asked her if she believes & willing to receive Jesus in her heart, we were all surprised when all of a sudden she kicked so hard in respond to my question, as if she’s saying w/ excitement,” yes! I believe & would love to receive Jesus in my heart & to go to heaven w/ Him forever.”
After listening & witnessing of what had happened that moment the daughter & the sister also decided to receive Jesus in their heart. God is so gracious!..Glory to His Name!
After a couple of days the comatose patient passed away. I believe and confident in my heart that she’s now with our Lord. To God be the glory!
God also led us to minister several souls, about more than 40 people got saved after hearing the gospel of salvation. Pls pray for all the souls who got saved for spiritual hunger & that they may grow in the knowledge of Jesus.
Another praise report we had another blessings from the Lord, a cute & healthy grandson,named Christon, he is from our eldest son, Harris & wife, Lou.
Also Harris is now taking a physical therapy board exam review since May, for 3 months and his final board exam schedule will be in August 5 & 6. Pls pray for divine wisdom, strength and that he may be able to pass his board exam
Also My son Michael & Jake had a job now. Thank you for all your prayers.
That’s what all had happen during our 2 months stay n the Philippines.
Then after five days of arrival in US, we went to Arizona to attend the graduation of my niece, Christine, from High school. Christine is like a daughter to us, we were took care of her when her mom left her and other siblings when she was eight months old til the age of seven.
Five years ago Christine and other two siblings came to US through their mom’s petition, but after a couple of years her relationship w/ her mom didn’t work and end up to leave their house.
God is so gracious & thank God for His favor & protection there’s an amazing family who took care of her & love her like a real family. We witnessed how they love so much my niece. We stayed at their house for almost one week co’z they wanted us to be there until Christin’s graduation party that they have prepared for her.
The reason why we agreed to stay for a couple a days is for us to know the family better. Thank God, I believe it’s the Lord who brought this family into her lives, we can see God’s hand protecting her, loving her through the the uncommon favor that this family is giving to Christine.
Finally we are at peace knowing that Christin is in good hands and heading to her bright future.
By d way when we are about to leave Az, my other niece, Keziah insisted and pleaded that she wanted to go with us to Yuba City & let her spend her summer vacation with us.
The day before we leave, her mom doesn’t allow her to go with us, we just pray & lift d situation to the Lord & finally she said yes. Now Keziah is here spending her vacation with us. Thank God for answering our prayers.
But Wait the ministry for my family is not yet done. After one week of our arrival from Az, my nephew, Lloyd, called me from San Francisco asking for help and told me that he is scheduled for Hemorrhoidectomy surgery and need my help to assist him. So we travel again to SF w/ my niece, Keziah, My husband just dropped us off halfway to Valejo at Kaiser hospital to where my nephew works as a physician. Mon went back to Yuba City to continue do the ministry work, while me & my niece stayed in San Francisco for four days.
Thank God, all is well now with my nephew, after the pain from surgery he let us go..
We’re now in Yuba City to continue the work of the ministry together.
Please continue to pray for all those people we ministered and for those who got saved, for our family, and for my hubby and I & for all our supporters. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to share our Praise report and prayer request. God bless you guys! Love you! Grace and Manmohan Singh

Grace Singh