July 26, 2017

We had an awesome 2 weeks of VBS and a great week at camp, One of the highlights is we saw our youth girls and even the little kids stepping up to the plate to help. I believe serving helps you grow. Pray that the seeds planted will grow. talked to Oscar and Rosa in Aconchi, and they said they had new people in church because of the VBS, they were going to have a Kids club Sat. But the got rained out. Rosa said a mountain of kids showed up for it, they are trying again this week. So Praise the Lord!

We are thankful that Vincente is doing well after being stung by bees, that His son and grandson are doing well too. He says while he was being attacked he cried out to God for help. Pray for salvation for his son Jorge, as well as the rest of there family.

Our son Sean has been really sick, he found our he has mono…please pray for a quick recovery as he is supposed to start his police (RCMP) training in August.

Please remember my friend Desta who was stopped at road construction and was crushed between two semi’s. She is in Salt Lake hospital. She’s had some surgeries. Her pelvis first, then her arm.

Pray for good health, for preserverence, for our testimony to glorify Him , our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Rob and Wendy

Wendy Penner