July 2017

We thank the Lord for His loving patience, greatness, and mercy. We are also very grateful for having regularly good health.

The little surgery on my ear is healing well. I have been to the doctor two times, but my little wife examines it everyday. I have not yet received the report on my full body check.

My daughter, Maria Parra, has paid my ticket to visit the family for two weeks in Texas. I will also be with my two granddaughters who have come home from the university in OK. Vanessa is working at a camp, and Veronica also has a job.

C writes, “My Brother Mentor, I have the privilege to greet you in the name of our loving Lord Jesus, wishing you abundant blessings. In this humble note, I wish you good health. I am a little sad because I have not received any news of my family except that my wife is sick, and this preoccupies me because I cannot do anything for her. I only pray that she be healed, and that Christ, our celestial Healer, intervenes in her health. Please pray for my family. I am helping a little in the Lord’s work here. My desire is to be in His work. Forgive me for not returning the lesson to you on time. A short time ago my trial started, and possibly they will be sending me to Guatemala. If this be the case, I will try to communicate with CMP.”

M says, “Appreciated family, I trust you are well, as I am. I ask that you forgive me for being late in answering your correspondence. I had a problem, and I felt mentally perturbed. But then I read some Psalms, and I felt fortified in my spirit, and I was able to surpass the problem. I ask that you pray to my celestial Father for me because only He can solve all my problems. Thank you for all you do. Please keep on encouraging me. I thank you, and may you be blessed by the Lord.”

Generally speaking, it is hard for those that have just been liberated from jail to continue being faithful in their faith in Christ.

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my heart.” Psalm 94:19

For the Harvest,
Jose & Arcelia Moreno

Jose Moreno