July 2014 Thank You – Prayer Letter

Ed, Flossie, and Rose
928 Ewe Lane – Las Cruces NM 88001-2326 – 575-526-4563
E-mail: RoseWaltner@aol.com
July, 2014

Dear Prayer Partners:

Thank you for your continued prayers during June.

Dad continues to try walking some to the bathroom but his ankles and knees still give him problems so that his standing/walking looks precarious. Thankfully, because of his extreme caution, he has not fallen lately.

Mom has shown some consciousness toward meal preparation and table setting. She has initiated setting the table in the morning a couple of mornings when she has gotten out into the dining room before Dad and me. She does alright with instruction but can’t seem to get too far without instruction. She still spends quite a bit of time sleeping in her recliner or on the bed in our living room.

We had a visit this month from my nephew (Chris) and great niece, Mandy, and are currently looking forward to my cousin and family being with us this weekend.

I’m thankful that my sister and I have come to an agreeable schedule for the both of us so that I can continue the hospital ministry and for help from my church this week while Jerry is in the hospital with a very weak heart, congestive heart failure and failing kidneys. Please pray for salvation and God’s will for Jerry.

I thank God for His enabling me to care for my folks and the running of the household. Please continue to pray for health for me to care for my folks as long as they need me.

for Ed, Flossie and Rose Waltner
Serving through Missionary Gospel Fellowship
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Rose Waltner