July 18, 2017

We praise the Lord that our good friend is still with us

Vincente was on his horse and was attacked by bee’s. It IS a miracle he is alive, he was on his horse when he was attacked, he was unconscious and it was more then a hour before the ambulance was there. His son and grandson also were riding, and his son also was in very bad shape. They yelled for the grandson to run, he was behind them and was stung once on the leg. He ran for help. The horse Is dead!! We were praying for him as we heard they were in the ambulance,we sat and waited for the news with Eloise his wife and their grandson. He was pretty shook up telling us the story, still in shock!

That was two days ago and today I was able to give Vincente a hug at his house. He has to go to Hermosillo tomorrow for a checkup. He still feels strange. His son Jorge also says the back of his head doesn’t feel right and it is still swollen. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers. Rob and Wendy Penner

Wendy Penner