July 12, 2017

Greetings one and all;
We just want to let you know of some praises and prayer requests.

1. We both had follow up check ups for past cancer issues and we both got good reports, no signs of any cancer!
Thank God for modern medicine achievements.

2. Ron is 8 mos. removed from back surgery and is doing OK

3. Our ministry on Fort Lewis (JBLM, Joint Base Lewis McCord) is a real blessing and the continual changes means we
continually meet new army families. We love it and we ask God to guide and direct us in order to help wherever
we can in meeting spiritual needs. However, saying good bye to those we have come to love way too often, hurts.

4. We thank God for the godly chaplains at our Main Post Chapel. They all love the Lord and His word and preach the gospel
both on Sunday morning and individually to soldiers during the week. We have a good friendly relationship with all of them and even
went to one of their homes for Easter dinner. Their four kids entertained us for about four hours!


1. Pray for M, a ten year old who’s parents just got divorced. She is very confused and hurt by the whole thing and caught in the
middle of this disaster and expresses this to Bonnie every Sunday after the chapel service. The parents don’t come anymore.

2. Pray for M, a Catholic lady who has been coming to our Sunday school class after her mass is over, that she will really understand what
Biblical salvation is. (Protestants and Catholics share the same chapel on Sunday morning)

3. Bonnie found out that she has balance issues and is taking treatment for it and it is helping quite a bit. Pray for total healing..

4. Pray that God will lead us to unsaved who are open to hearing the truth of the gospel, both neighbors and army folk

5. In September, M, our lead Protestant chaplain , is starting a Wed. night family program that includes Awana, Bible studies, and fellowship.
There never seems to be a “right” time for these meetings so pray for good attendance and that the Holy Spirit will already be working
in those who are going to come. This chaplain told us today during his message that his year in Afghanistan was the hardest year of
his life. Imagine living in a tent for a year in 100 degree weather with very little of life’s comforts we take so much for granted. He
realized that the bitterness he had in his heart would be no good if he wanted to connect with the soldiers and God changed his heart!
Its a privilege just to tell him that he preached a good sermon! Today’s was on Rev. 2:1 – 7

6. P.W.O.C. (Protestant Women Of the Chapel will start again in September. There are roughly 200 army wives that come out to
this worldwide ministry. The board needs to organize courses, small group leaders, and the fellowship hour leaders. Pray for
godly women whose main desire is to see God work in all the women. Bonnie has been very active in this for 16 years.

7. A Youth For Christ missionary who has a ministry strictly with the military spoke in chapel today and is starting a YFC ministry
here on JBLM, Pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit among the teenagers of army families . Very few teens attend the chapels
on JBLM . We are asking God for conversions of the unsaved and total commitment of the saved kids

We thank you all for your prayers and support. Many of you have been partnering with us ever since our Trinidad days, wow! That’s a
long time! We sure appreciate it!
God bless you all as you also serve Him, we prayer for all of you too.
Ron and Bonnie Johnson

Bonnie Johnson