Jews for Jesus

We have been invited to participate with the ministry of Jews for Jesus on their Brazil campaign this summer. This campaign will take place on June 13th – July 12th. It is an intense time of street evangelism, which will include literature distribution, personal witnessing conversations, evangelistic drama and music. Our particular role will be that of a Campaigner, which means we’ll be part of the evangelistic outreach team. We will be serving by sharing the gospel on street corners and shopping centers, handing out tracts and raising banners that proclaim the message in busy road intersections. We will be participating in the campaign for 2 weeks (June 16th – July 03rd).
Besides preparing ourselves spiritually, physically, and mentally, We have been asked to trust God to provide our financial support during the campaign through friends and others who believe in reaching the people with the good news of Jesus. I have been asked to raise $2500 dlls. (total cost of food, housing, transportation and airfare) before May 31st to help cover the costs of my participation in this campaign. Would you be part of our adventure in outreach in Brazil? Would you support us in prayer and, if possible, finances?

Luis Romero