May 17, 2017

Greetings in Jesus! By His grace we all are doing well and hope the same for you and your family. Thanks for your greeting for our birthday!
As we were traveling to LA, from Vancouver, I was praying to God to give me boldness to share the gospel with a person who will come and sit beside me, and also prepare that person’s heart to be willing to listen the gospel and understand. Lo behold God, brought an Indian Hindu man (an I.T) from LA to sit with me. His name was Jagdish. As we where on our way to LA, I asked him what was the purpose of him to visit Vancouver? He said that his best Indian friend whom he wanted to visit many time but was not able to visit, got sick and died. So he has to come and visit his family. Then I was ready to share that I am in ministry among east Indians to share what God has provided to be ready before death, the assurance of life Everlasting In Jesus Christ! I was able to share the Gospel with him. That we all have born in Sin and condemn to go to hell But God in His Love and Mercy came down from heaven in Jesus and took our sins punishment, which is Eternal death, upon Himself on the cross. He died and paid it all, was buried and rose again for our salvation. If we accept Jesus as our God and savior by faith alone, we can receive forgiveness of all our sins and gift of Eternal Life in Jesus! Death is coming. I gave my tract to Jagdish to read and make his own decision and also share with his friends wife and family in Vancouver. Asked him to tell them to call me. While coming back I had an opportunity to share with Jason, from Merit , BC. Jason and his family has never been to Church. He took my Gospel tract. He was happy that we met.

1) Please pray for Mr Jagdish and his family salvation
2)Pray for Jason and his family’s salvation.
3) Pray for a young lady who has been drugs, that God will deliver her from drugs! She has four children and fighting for child custody for two of them who are with the father. She is coming to church and attending cell group on Tuesdays night.
4) Pray for Young Orphan children from South India, We are working and hoping to bring them here for schooling in September, 2017.
5) Pray for the urgent need of $4000, my niece, Jessica, and her husband, Abhishek Martin, who are expecting their first child in June. They are missionaries with YWAM in California. They are trusting the Lord to provide for their needs. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this.

Thank you for making our ministry possible. Your prayers and financial support make a difference!

Together with YOU in His harvest,

Daniel & Christy Hilson

Daniel Hilson