Praise and Prayer Requests

Praise God! for giving me opportunity to share the gospel to S’s mom, N, (71 years old), also made a willful decision to Reject all gods and goddesses and Accept Jesus be His Only God and savior on June 28th! On that I was given an handkerchief in a Ziploc bag by S to take it with me. When I asked him, what is this? He said it was given by a guru with promise that I will get marry and have Children in 2017, and by April win a million dollar lottery, and N, S’s mom, will get her Canadian Immigration. N also gave me her Red Handkerchief. So when went back home I opened to she what this Guru gave them? In S Handkerchief, I found, a gold paper folded and rapped by many time by white third, and init was red, yellow color powder and Raw white Rice. When I opened N’s Red handkerchief, it has the brass cylinder with red powder, which is offered to gods and goddess and put on on your forehead. Then asked N, how much they paid to the Guru? She said $8000 in Cash. I was shocked and saddened by this. How this Guru is deceiving and looting people in Surrey. All the photos are attached. N, left to go overseas, on July 16. Every Wednesday, I am disciplining S. I have given several tracts to take with her to share with her daughter and relatives overseas.

I had another opportunity to share at a fellowship retreat at Point Roberts on July 1st. We celebrated the 150th Birthday of Canada. I had a privilege to Baptize the young man Named JB, his family also attend Village Church here in Surrey BC.
Praise God! My niece, Jessica, delivered a healthy baby Ezekiel on June 19th/17.
1) Please continue to pray for S’s growth in Christ Jesus,
2) Pray for N’s immiration Papers to Canada, and that she may to find a good bible believing church where she is, as she awaits for her immigration to Canada. and 4 daughters and a son that may come to Christ soon!
3) Please pray for JB growth in Christ and his education.
4) Pray for the orphan kids, S and A’s, admission at Regent Christian School and finance to meet the Sponsorship to satisfy the Immigration requirements.
5) Continue to pray for niece, Jessica, and Abhishek financial needs.
6) Continue to pray for Nicole’s pregnancy.

Thanks for your faithful Partnership in Harvesting the Harvest God has prepared!

Together in His harvest,

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel & Christy Hilson

Daniel Hilson