April 19, 2017

Happy blessed Resurrection! to you and your family. By His grace we all are doing well and hope the same for you and your family.
As I always like to use the opportunity to invite our neighbors, for all Christmas and Easter Celebration. As I was going door to door to invite my neighbors, I met a painter. I gave him the invitation and explained to him what why we celebrate Easter. I told him That Jesus is the only one who died for our sins and rose again from the dead for our salvation! God, who created us provided this Salvation from the penalty of our sins, through Jesus Christ. I gave him my tract which explain clearly the gospel. I invited 10 neighbors, only one family who said, “we are not interested.” Praise God! over six thousand people who attended the Village Church Easter celebration!

1) Please pray for a man and his family salvation
2)Pray for us to use the opening door to continue to share the Gospel to our neighbors, who have three students from Delhi, whom I am always inviting to church activities.
3)Continue to Pray for a young lady who has been drugs, that God will deliver her from drugs! She is coming to church and attending cell group on Tuesdays night.
4) Pray for a man and his family’s salvation — someone I met in Costco. I gave him my tract and invited to Village Church.
5) Continue to pray for our daughter, Nithya’s, nursing,
Also, God’s grace be upon Ben and his wife, Nicole’s, and Jessica’s pregnancy.
6) Pray for our friend and his family; his father passed away today, April the 17th.

We are grateful for all your faithful prayers and financial support!

Together with YOU, in His harvest,

Daniel & Christy Hilson

Daniel Hilson