December 27, 2016

Good morning from Rosarito, Mexico. Yes we are still here but will leave today for a few days. Because of the huge rain storm we had here our construction project was badly delayed. We have to go home today as we have some prior obligations but will head back down Sunday evening or Monday morning. This time, Lord willing, we will be able to finish up the build. For such a small room it has taken way too long but when your body gets older it seems it doesn’t move quite as fast as it used to.

We had a very quiet Christmas. We did get to go the Luis’ parents home for dinner where we had Baclao (a salted dried fish that’s reconstituted after being soaked for three days to remove the salt. Then all the bones are removed, hopefully, and spices are added along with some baby potatoes and green olives.) We had ram tacos (borrego) and fruit salad and I took along some shrimp cocktails for appetizers.

We trust you all had a great Christmas with family and friends and a time to share with them what Christmas is really all about.

Luan Thiessen