December 2015 — Bradenton, FL

Appreciated Partners:

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11)

This is the wonderful message which we give to those we contact, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He came to the earth, ministered to the multitudes, later was crucified, buried, but rose from the dead and is now in Heaven interceding for us.

These twelve months have been good, though, with certain problems. We are thankful for them because they have been a blessing in disguise.

It is a pleasure to visit the inmates and to study the Bible with them, giving them some consolation, hope, and salvation. They are very thankful and happy for this. They would like that I come every week, but I have to visit other PODs. As my schedule goes, I correct Bible correspondence courses that come through the mail. I also include a letter to the student to encourage him and give him suggestions on how to have a relationship with God.

One inmate from Dade Correctional Institute, FL writes: “Thank you, Brethren, for your time, love, and service to us. I believe that with this course I will grow a little more in knowing Jesus Christ and His life here on this earth. Please, I ask you to have patience with me, and may God bless you.”

Another, from Cumberland, MD writes: “I thank God for each of you, our instructors, for the ministry that makes all this possible. God has a purpose for all; it does not matter where we are, maybe in difficulties. I am thankful for the office in CBI, its personnel, and the volunteers. May God bless you, provide and supply more of His love to their families so they can continue helping the needy, listen and learn the Word of God.”

We have started up again the Bible study on Saturdays for the 2 families and 4 children.

We are very thankful to the Lord for every detail in our life.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. You are a blessing to us.

Your servants,
Jose & Arcelia Moreno

Jose Moreno