December 2015

Dear friends and family, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas today as we celebrate our

Lord’s birth. He is the giver of life and there is hope in Him. We would like to ask prayer for

Angel, Rosa, and Angel’s family right now. His brother was kidnapped a few days ago and last

night it was confirmed that he was murdered. So much has gone on these last few days of not

knowing where Angel’s brother (Bon) was, the many rumors, and the fear of others being

kidnapped. Angel and Rosa are temporarily living at the church since the kidnapping took place

near their home, a few doors down where his brother lived with family. His brother was into

drugs and it was a cartel that was involved in the murder. Please pray for this situation. Angel is

heartbroken that his wayward younger brother is no longer here on this earth. He has been

witnessing to all his family in these many months. We are praying for comfort for the family

as Bon’s body will be released today and their need to make all the funeral arrangements today

on Christmas day. The family had to be at the morgue at 6:00 AM today.

Last night at our Christmas Eve event Angel’s son, Josgan, tried to keep a smile on his face

but came up to Debbie finally and needed a hug as he poured out his heart that he won’t see his

uncle anymore. Please pray that God will bring good to this sad situation as He promises in His

Word. Thank you for lifting Angel and his family up to the Lord. Angel and Rosa just started

working full time at our church as of two weeks ago and are planning on going to seminary in

the Fall. Though our hearts are heavy we feel sheltered by God in this storm. Thank you for

your prayers. Dave and Debbie

David Tazelaar