December 13, 2016

We are heading back to Mexico on Monday to finish up the construction project we were working on there. We’ve been building an addition on Cristina and Luis’ mobile home so that Darah will have a bedroom. We got the foundation, walls, floor and roof done and had to come home for obligations and because Ike had plumb run out of steam. This time we hope to get, wiring, insulation, sheetrock done, , window in, painting and all the trim, etc. Please pray for Ike’s health as it’s so frustrating for him to just not have the strength he had before MG, But what a joy its been to be with Cristina, Darah and Luis and also get to see so many of our “family”.
A very special Christmas to you and your family from the two of us. Blessings!
Ike and Luan

Luan Thiessen