Christmas 2015

As the song says, “It’s a different kind of Christmas this year.” None of the Harvey-Farley Gang feels much like celebrating the events of this year — Jack went into Hospice in April, with the prognosis that he had less than six months to live. He’s two months past his “expiration date” and still with us, and, in fact, seems to be growing stronger.

Our precious granddaughter, Jaymi, lost her 12-year battle with cancer and left us in November. Her husband, Colton, and “miracle daughter,” Aurora, are having a rough time, but trying to keep a positive outlook, knowing their wife and mommie are in Heaven waiting for them.

Mari, our oldest daughter, fought her own valiant battle with the Big C, enduring long sessions of chemotherapy and stressful radiation, losing her hair, suffering from lymphodema, loss of strength and energy. She is now on the upswing, but it’s still an anxious game of wait and see.

And now, the final blow. Our oldest son, Bill Farley, will be taken off his life-support dialysis program on Christmas Eve, with a prognosis of 10 to 15 days after that, unless God intervenes with, yet, another miracle. I’m torn between needing to be in Idaho with Bill and in California taking care of Jack, so I’ve flown up to Idaho three or four times. Have had some wonderful visits with Bill and Virginia, talking about Heaven and the glad reunion we’ll all have there someday.

Despite all this, we are especially celebrating the birth of Christ, thankful that God became man to bear our sorrows, to go through the fire and the waters with us, and to take us through the valley of the shadow of death. How do people bear situations like this without Jesus by their side?

Adopting us into the family of God is a wonderful blessing that He gives us. We are so grateful for the prayers and financial support of all of you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Townsends, Thiessens, and Learys from MGF have all gone above and beyond to help Bill and Virginia during this terrible time of need, and our own children have pitched in to help their big brother, uncle, and friend. Some of you may remember when Bill’s first dad, Bill Farley, Sr., died under similar circumstances shortly after Christmas way back in 1967. At the time, he said, “Like Job, even though God slay me, I will trust in Him.” And now, nearly 50 years later, Bill Farley, Jr., trustingly says the same thing. Truly, we serve a great God!

Jack & Dollie Harvey, Project 10-D, Missionary Gospel Fellowship, P.O. Box 1535, Turlock, CA 95380

Dollie Harvey