Back in Atrial Fib

I’ve been back in Atrial Fib since either last Friday night or early Sat AM…regular rhythm didn’t last long – 12/19 – 12/29 or 30.

I saw my cardiologist this afternoon. He wants an angiogram done next week and added a med to slow down my heartbeat..I believe the angiogram will be next Friday, 1/12. He saw the Lexiscan and says there is a blockage. He wasn’t in town so the Tech sent him a picture of my heart, that’s why he had a partner meet with me later that same day, 12/15. The partner did tell us at that time, I had a large blockage and actually “multiple blockages.”

Hoping my daughter’s schedule will allow her to come and wait with her Dad while I have my procedure. We’d appreciate your prayers for God’s perfect will to be done! I know He’s in control.
I never thot I’d be having heart trouble – except maybe a broken heart or two as a young person 

GREAT NEWS, my cousin in AZ had her brain tumor surgery yesterday. The surgeon was 95% sure the tumor is benign! Waiting for Pathology to confirm. There’s another ‘black spot’ on the MRI – at the back of the brain. They will just watch that one for now. She still needs an operation on that severely broken leg and has to be off of it totally for 3 mos! Pray for Kathy and her dear husband!

This past year has been full of it for affliction and frustration, but God has seen us through! Many of you have seen much worse! It’s so good to have a Sovereign God Who loves us!!! I’m choosing to keep my heart and faith resting in Him!