April 12, 2016

Our Faithful Praying Partners,

Your prayers with us are being answered! What a statement! It is TRUE!

Your attention is on answers in his letter. Amen. God is answering and has been answering your prayers along with ours. Below are answers and praises and also petitions for the immediate future.

We finally did go to Ensenada, BCN, Mexico from Thursday pm through Sunday evening. We stayed with David and Jewels Pattillo 3 nights. They are the newlyweds (now 9 months). As with all newly married couples, adjustments are being made almost daily. Petition: pray for their wisdom to make the individual adjustments necessary for a successful, God honoring marriage.

Joyfully we “report” our visits with these: Trino and Esther Ortiz (MGF) have 2 churches and a monthly medical clinic with all these cares. Shawn Coleman (MGF) directs the Calvary Chapel Bible College where students learn in both English and Spanish. The Rancho Sordo Mudo ministers to deaf children and also leads them to Christ. We had two hours with them, their staff and students. Enroute homeward we enjoyed a meal out with Carlos and Cori Barrera (MGF mk) and their baby, Carlos Alexander. You prayed for some of these. Feel free to pray for each one as often as God brings them to your mind and heart.

Now, back at home in the USA: Margie Farley is our MGF coworker who also lives here at Mount Miguel. She has celebrated 90 years of life. Physical constraints bother her greatly, especially bone-on-bone left knee pains. She is allergic to most pain medicines. Pray for her health and comfort. Her Monday Bible study has 20 to 25 people. She is a witness and a testimony to many.

This week is mainly “Recuperation” and doctor visits. Betty is to get “diabetic” shoes, Duane has a hearing test scheduled. Betty is finished with the many chiropractic treatments. She now has good movement in six of the seven vertebrae in her neck. This is very good.

Pray as Duane prepares an hour long Bible study for Tuesday, April 26.

Rejoicing in Christ, our Lord,
Duane & Betty Kepner with: Missionary Gospel Fellowship
email: dnbkepner@aol.com Phone: 619-654.1932


Duane Kepner