A Home For The Holidays!

A big project this holiday season is to find new adoptive homes for over 20 children who are signed up in our Second Chance program. Some of the children were originally adopted from overseas orphanages, others are from U.S. foster care who have been adopted. When a child is adopted from foster care, and things go badly in the home, foster care will not take them back. Each child is adorable but has huge behavioral problems which cause a total invasion of their adoptive home. We are having over 95% success in helping these children to form natural, new relationships with a new second adoptive family. To see all our kids, go to www.facebook.com/secondchanceadoptions. “Like” the page and share them to your own Facebook page.

The ministry at church is going great. We told you about people from another prominent church who have moved to our church due to that church’s new stand on ordaining and marrying homosexuals. We have had many opportunities to spend time and share with these new friends.

Baby, it is cold outside! We had a mild autumn them BAM! Sub-zero temperatures. Several of our adult children will be here for the holidays. Bethany’s first marriage broke up as we all learned some previously unknown things about her husband. She remarried Alex Balkum in October.

Peter is half way through his one-year Bible school. The school has an optional trip to Israel scheduled for April. If God moves you to assist with the cost, please email us, and we will tell you how to help. Mercy loves her job as a nurse in a cardiac clinic! She arranged for Paul to get a stress test, and he passed! 🙂

We love and miss you! Merry Christmas!

Paul and Cyndi Peck

Cyndi Peck