Juanito Tay

We provide leadership and expertise to Partners In Prayer (PIP) ministries*. We also reach out through friendship evangelism assisting them and the elderly in studying the Word of God to praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ; discipling of families through Bible studies; hospital visitations. We also assist in filling out legal forms and other important papers we are asked to, and provide Christian counseling.

Prayer Requests & Praises

November 18, 2016

Sheila came through the surgery fine. The tumor was not cancerous but was about the size of a tennis ball. They took about 70% of the tumor. There is another smaller tumor that they did not try to remove. Thanks, everyone, for your prayers. I’d ask that you continue to pray for complete recovery.

Juanito Tay

November 16, 2016

Prayer request. Sheila, The wife of Minda’s brother was found to have a big tumor in her brain. She will have a brain surgery. Thursday morning. Please pray that the surgery will be successful and also for speedy recovery. Thanks for praying. God bless us all. JT


Regarding Sheila. The doctor decided to do the surgery this morning. Can’t wait for tomorrow due to her deteriorating condition. Thank you for praying. JT

Juanito Tay