Stan & Amalia Smith

Stan and Amalia joined MGF in 2001. They travel to churches in Mexico, Mexicali, Hermosillo, and Ensenada, training, encouraging, and mentoring national leaders in Mexico. Amalia speaks to women about the challenges they face. She also speaks at women's conferences throughout San Diego, California and Mexico. Recently, while in Hermosillo, she was invited to speak to a group of parents at a public school.

Prayer Requests & Praises

June 28, 2017

We are planning to be in our new home in Idaho by the weekend. Please pray for us in our final move and all the details that have to be accomplished. Our house in Salinas still needs to sell, so we would very much appreciate your prayers for that.

Stan Smith

June 13, 2017

Dear friends and family who pray for us:
“The rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house: And it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock.”  (Matt. 7:25)
A storm like this has recently hit our “house” but by the grace of God it is still standing. As most of you know, we have been sorting and packing our things to move to Idaho. This has been a slow process, and during the last two Sundays of April Stan preached in Salinas and gave a conference to men in a Turlock church. We stayed in the head quarters of Missionary Gospel Fellowship. At 2 AM he had trouble breathing. We drove home after a delicious breakfast prepare by our chef, Jay, the ministry director.

Upon returning to Salinas Stan began to have shortness of breath and swelling of feet. (The rain started) When he went to see his doctor on March 30th he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He was immediately sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. After he was stabilized, he was prepared for open heart surgery. He had a bad mitral valve and arrhythmia. He was operated on April 12. The surgeon repaired the valve and performed some other procedures. Nevertheless, it was necessary to implant a pacemaker in order to bring the heart beat under control. After spending a week at Memorial Hospital he was transferred to the Natividad Rehabilitation Center. On May 6th he
was able to return home to slowly regain strength and receive assistance from some care specialists.

During Stan’s stressful time in the hospitals, he received encouragement and prayer from friends and brethren from many local churches. He never felt alone. He especially sensed the presence of Jesus his Savior. We are deeply grateful for all the kindnesses shown to us by visits, cards, and home-delivered meals to ease our burdens. While all of that was going on with Stan, Amalia was left with the enormous packing project. (The floods came.) She was blessed with the rotating assistance of our children who flew in to help. Our profound thanks go out to Linda, Mark, and Becky. Many friends loaned her a hand also. On May 6 our furniture was sent on its way to Idaho. So, until we
leave, we are “camping out” in our home with two small beds on loan, two recliners, and a few dishes. All of this took place while Stan laid flat on his back. He assured everyone that he didn’t plan it that way.

Amid the storm, Amalia experienced a great disappointment. (The winds came.) She had prepared for a special trip to minister in Mexico. She was to teach new believers in a village in Chiapas and then hold conferences in Ensenada. Her plane was to leave on April 13th. All of that had to be cancelled. This was a heavy blow to be added to the load. that she was already carrying. After being exhausted and worn out she needs lots of prayer. As we write this letter, we are waiting for Stan to fully recover in order to be able to travel to our new home in Idaho.
Although we are leaving Salinas, it will be a part of our itinerary during our future trips to serve others. We depend a lot on the  encouragement and prayers of our many friends. We plan to continue with all our ministries. When Stan fully recovers, the doctors say that he will have more energy that before. He is already able to breathe much better, and he’s presently developing teaching materials at his computer. (Our house is still standing!) We are eager to get going!!!
(God is the rock we build on.) Here are our payer requests:
God’s guidance, help, and timing as we move on to the new chapter of our lives.
For Amalia’s body to recover from the enormous stress it received.
For Stan’s complete recovery from his body repair.
For a ready buyer for our house in Salinas.
Your “never a dull moment” missionaries,
Stan and Amalia

Stan Smith

May 15, 2017

Stan has been home now for about a week and is well on the road to recovery. In fact the doctor cleared him to drive, although the family is insisting he waits awhile longer before traveling to Idaho. He says, “other than not having a lot of energy I feel very much better. THANK YOU ALL very much for your prayers.” PTL!

Amalia Smith