Sal & Joyce Sarkis

In 2007 we were asked to come serve the Lord by reaching the Arabic-speaking communities in the States, in San Diego, CA. specifically. We did so after much prayer and fasting. God's love reached over 500 families during this period as we launched to have our ministry in three different phases: 1) Starting a relationship by providing social and material needs, 2) Building trust with those families through social visits and fellowships, 3) Reaching them with the Gospel, leading them to take a positive step toward a personal relationship with Christ, trying to build a bridge between each person and the Lord, and building it through Christ's love. That is why our ministry is called "Bridging with Love."

Praises & Prayer Requests

July 5, 2017

– We want you to share with us in praising the Lord. Christie has been approved at Foothills Christian High School. She had her interview today and was accepted.As for the financial aid issue we didn’t get any final answer yet but there is an ease feeling according to how the principle answered us.

-Praise the Lord for the Colonoscopy results, the primary results is that there is nothing serious. We are waiting for the biopsy.

– Please pray for Sunday July 9th, Sal is preaching at the First Baptist of El Cajon and Joyce will be interpreting into English.

Thank you all there is nothing greater than the support and prayers of our larger family. We love you all.
Joyce and Sal Sarkis

Joyce Sarkis

June 28, 2017

We have an urgent prayer request for Christie’s enrollment in her high school. Please pray that the Lord will give us grace in their eyes to give us a discount. We learnt yesterday that the Board has already met and studied the applications for financial aid. But we haven’t filled one yet. The whole enrollment process is new to us and we thought that since we filled an application that this is part of the interview. but it seems it is a separate process that should have been done before.As we spoke with them yesterday they said they will give us the interview and make us fill the financial aid request during the interview. We need God’s hand to intervene.

Please pray for D. in Germany – D. in San Diego – T. in San Jose S. in Canada. These people are in dire circumstances.
Joyce’s colonoscopy is today at 10:30 (An update from Joyce….. it went well, the doctor said he saw everything good, he took biopsy and the results take 2 weeks. Thanks for your prayers).

Praise God for M., an Egyptian young guy who lives in Kuwait and came to the Lord with Sal via phone call. The fruits of a changed life are showing his hunger and thirst for the Lord and His word. Sal and Joyce Sarkis

Joyce Sarkis

June 13, 2017

Praise the Lord for Christie’s graduation. God was glorified through her.
Praise Him for Sal’s Blood Pressure it is regulated now with the
Praise God for the progress and changes that Joyce did at the Center leading to the progress in ministry.

Please pray for:
Joyce’s colonoscopy on the 27th at 9:30.
Plans for Christie’s summer to include ministry and fun.
Sal’s ministry in details. there are many members of the global church who are passing through dire hardships in their homes, it is draining Sal’s energy almost on daily basis.Please pray for them and for Sal too.
Sal and Joyce Sarkis

Joyce Sarkis