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Pray for student visa

Last month we asked you to pray for Ever because she had her student visa interview and in God’s wisdom they denied her the visa. She is going to try again this week. Her interview is this next friday Dec 8th at 7am. Please pray for an affirmative answer and if not for wisdom and guidance on how and what to do. 


I almost forgot to mention that Ever is very sick right now, she has sore throat, and fever. So please please pray for her health that she will be able to attend to her interview. 

July 18, 2017

Hi!!! 😀

We would love you to pray for us and the guys at our church that are going to a Camp out in Chihuahua, México this friday. We were planning this trip since January of this year and thanks to the Lord at least 10 of our guys are coming with us to spend the most amazing, edifiying and transforming week of their short lives. Please pray for our safety and especially that the Lord saves the ones who are not christian yet.

Thanks a lot and God bless!!!

Luis & Cris Romero (+Darah)

Luis Romero

May 23, 2017

Hey I have good news!! 😀 Brandon’s dad came yesterday and fixed the green van for free because it was such an easy thing to fix. He did it in less than half an hour. I knew it, but he didn’t have the time to come. Praise God we have a van again!!! 😀 He said he will come to fix the other one some other day. Luis Romero

Luis Romero