Sudha & Monica Peethala

LLA is committed to reaching out to the Indian Community with a focus on young teens and young adults in Portland, Oregon. We have been involved in ministering to the young people for the past 5 years and it is just a joy to see them grow in the Lord. We have a collective/individual Bible study once a week and we are seeing the fruits of delving into the Word of God. We have active and healthy dialogue on various topics. We have seen a growth in hunger and thirst for God in the lives of these young people. For some people in our young adults group, it has taken three years to bear the fruit of the Spirit. We have been able to only by the power of Christ, pursue after them with perseverance, love and self-control and it is rewarding to see them bear fruit.

Praises & Prayer Requests

Please Pray

Our friend, Deepika had an ICD placed into her heart. Please pray that it would be sufficient, so she wouldn’t need a heart transplant. We know that this is a temporary solution, so please pray for a miraculous healing on her heart.

Monica Peethala

God at work

God has been using the IIC
worship Band to draw people into the
realm of praise and worship toward
our Almighty God Jesus Christ. We
currently have five leaders God has
raised from within the church, and
it is amazing to see them grow into
a mature walk with the Lord Jesus
Christ. God is actively involved in the
work of molding our worship band
leaders. The results of His molding
have been sessions of Spirit-led
anointed worship.

Sudha & Monica Peethala