Trino & Esther Ortiz

They Ortizs are involved in church planting in a very needy area. They are pastoring a church in Monte Hermon EVFC in Ensenada that began in 1989. Their ministries are varied working in the church, outside the church, counseling married couples, conferences, and children's Bible clubs. They are also building a medical clinic with groups from both the US and Canada in a small town called Puerto Trampa, Ejido Sierra de Juarez.

Prayer Requests & Praises

December 2016


The last month of the year, certainly for some rushing days before

Christmas still looking something very special gifts for the love ones and

put them under Christmas tree, the food, drinks and especial music to

celebrate. For others, they don’t’ even have a clue what Christmas looks

like because they live in extreme poverty. Our desire is the for all of us

that we already received the real gift of God in his son Jesus Christ…we can

celebrate as always do singing an praising God for our salvation for all of

us…Joy and happy holiday…! The real meaning of Christmas

The star who bright on the stable that darkness night, it needs to keep brighten trough us to those who still live in

darkness! The evil things that we and our children are living this days is fearful, we know that we have to keep

praying for each other that our God give us the strength to face our problems in the house, and be useful in God’s

hands to tell them about that in Jesus they can receive the most precious gift….the salvation and eternal life.

We are really grateful with our Lord for all the circumstances that we as a family and in the ministry we had

passing trough over the year, some with tears in our eyes, others aches in our body, discourage in our ministry, but

also the ones who brought us happiness that comes to cover the others because that’s the one that in our real life

who give us the courage to keep going, don’t you think? I like to repeat that beautiful words in this Hymn

“Count your blessings, named one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done…..”

You are one of those blessings that have been supporting our ministry for many years, thank you for your care

and faithful giving….Our ministry continue because God have bless us trough all of you, and because of His mercy

upon us.

“Monte Hermon” church is other blessing for us! 28th years of hard but pleasant work with all the person that

came to Christ in this ministry and for the one that have been walking with us all this years and the real joy that

the babies who had born in the beginning of this ministry today, some professionals, and still in our congregation

and others in high school… Praise God for them.

Bethesda Church, this year celebrate our 6th anniversary as a church, other blessing even dealing with evil things

around us, the first members are strong in their Lord…The Medical Clinic big blessing for many are passing

trough very d1fficults moments about financial support… but until here we can say with joy in our hearts “ Thus

far the Lord has helped us” 1 Samuel 7:12

Thank you for keep blessing us with your prayers, other blessing that brings us the joy to keep serving our Lord!

God bless you all! Trino y Esther Ortiz



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Esther Ortiz

December 7, 2016

We thank God for all of your prayers. God continues to be faithful and strengthens us with His hands of mercy. Right now we are 4 days in Puerta Trampa to care for the medical clinic and on the weekends we are at our church, Mount Hermon, in Ensenada. We’re going forward knowing that soon God will meet our need for a Pastor for Mount Hermon Church and someone to care for the clinic in Puerta Trampa. May God continue to use you all for His Glory.

Esther Ortiz