Mark & Debbie Friend

Mark & Debbie serve as the volunteer hospital chaplain in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The Lord opened a door of ministry opportunity to serve among Native Americans. The Cherokee Nation allows Mark the opportunity to visit with patients, their families and staff. He visits the hospital on a daily basis and is able to encourage others with the Word of God and share the Gospel as the Lord leads. What a privilege to be used by the Lord.

Prayer Requests & Praises

Mark’s Health Update

Just an update on Mark’s “episodes.” We are so pleased to share that he has not had any of the episodes for several months. After many tests and doctor visits, they were not able to precisely say what it was but the neurologist felt it was definitely some sort of vascular issue. Thankfully it seems to have subsided! 

We feel that the Lord answered many prayers on his behalf! Thank you and Praise the Lord!

Update on Mark

Just an update on Mark — 

He had an MRI done last week and now we are waiting for the neurologist to look at it and see what our next step is. One doctor suggested a Brain Angiogram as well in order to show all of the vascular system. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Update on Mark

Mark has continued to have episodes of spams or thunderclap headaches. We believe this is a vascular issue but still do not have a diagnosis or a way to treat this.

He has had less episodes with less intensity so we are thinking and praying that it is beginning to resolve itself and may just take time. We so appreciate your continued prayers with us.