Brian & Nina Craig

Brian & Nina Craig serve near Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. They have worked since 2000 as missionaries in Mexico, building a house and developing modest facilities to accommodate short term mission groups. Their focus is on facilitating local pastors. They now have a Civil Association - a Mexican government umbrella under which a number of churches are registered and helping out these pastors, scattered around Sonora, keeps them busy.

Praises & Prayer Requests

September 20, 2016

We’re moving the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) and sure would appreciate prayer. We’re loading one truck ourselves and, as you know, we aren’t getting any younger. We’re both feeling pretty frazzled — normal for a move — but prayer for a spirit of calmness, for remembering all the little details and safety as we lift and lift and lift again and then lift and lift and lift again as we get it out of the truck on the other end and remembering the ‘joy of the Lord’ would be very much appreciated There are ferry trips involved as well just to add a bit of interest.
Thanks a lot!

Brian and Nina Craig

Nina Craig

Prayer Request

Brian is down with a very nasty chest cold again!! This is his 4th bout since October – 3rd time here in Mexico. Every time has been a bit different and he’s saying this is the worst yet. Now sure what the Lord’s trying to say here……

Nina Craig